This half day event, organised by BLC Leather Technology Centre in conjunction with APLF Ltd, focuses on issues that are high on the agenda of the global leather supply chain as companies face increasing economic, social and environmental pressures.   

It is an opportunity to share in the knowledge and experience of leading brands, manufacturers and retailers on the following topics:

Sustainability – what it means to the leather industry

Topical legislation update – critical legislation and regulations that affect the leather supply chain

Nanotechnology – the scientific and technical advances possible with nanotechnological applications and concerns around the toxicological and environmental impact of nanoparticles

ZDHC update – the latest developments from the multi brand group regarding progress with their joint road map for the global apparel and footwear industries and Zero Discharge of Harzardous Chemicals (ZDHC) by 2020

Replacement chemistries – currently available alternative sustainable chemistries that can be used as replacements for chemicals controlled through global legislation, brand restrictions, ZDHC, etc

Impact of EU and US Biocidal Product Regulations Biocides (bactericides and fungicides), an essential part of leather making during manufacture and shipping of final products, are subject to tight regulatory controls in both the EU and the USA with implications for the leather supply chain.

NGO drivers – the influence of NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations) on the leather industry and the challenges of climate change, global pollution and water usage and animal welfare

Cost of compliance – views from the supply chain around the challenges of ensuring social, environmental and chemical compliance through global best practice to industry standards and legal requirements

The conference will be conducted in English.

Conference fees:

Single Delegate:     US$375 (US$345)

Additional delegates (from the same company)         US$360 (US$330)

(Note: fees in brackets apply for BLC members and APLF exhibitors only)

REGISTER NOW to ensure your place or for further information email Sue Ivett  or call +44 (0)1604 679999.