With editorial input from three major global brands, Kering Group, Audi and Puma, outline how they see sustainability in the leather supply chain going forward and how they hope to work their leather supplier partners in the future. Leather remains a key component material to such brands so long as tanners can support their core values around these critical areas.

As well as the brands perspective on sustainability ILM also looks at the growing trends for greater transparency, traceability and animal welfare in the value chain. The ILM Jan-Feb 2017 magazine provides a review of the recent Dutch based “ReVeal” initiative, and the latest concept to bring DNA traceability into leather and leather products. Following on welfare and husbandry theme, Dr Phil Hadley, AHDB (Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board) UK, also discusses the best practice and the global challenges facing the meat and leather industries relating to animal welfare.

ILM also covers the introduction of a new food grade hide chilling facility at hide and skin suppliers, Crawford Hide based in Northern Ireland. More tanners are looking to reduce or eliminate salt preservation from their processes and chilling is one alternative.

Market report Vietnam

Away from the key trends around sustainability and animal welfare ILM has published an in-depth overview of the fast-growing tanning industry in Vietnam featuring many of the key international players such as Tong Hong, Saigon TanTec, Tehchang, Yi Sheng and PrimeAsia that supply many global brands located in one of South-East Asia’s fastest growing economies.

All this and a whole lot more can be found the latest edition of ILM which is the home of original leather industry content.

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