Organised by Eurofins|BLC and ILM, experienced contributors from across the leather industry will provide insight into sustainability implications across the leather value chain:

  • Michael Costello, Director of Sustainability, Stahl: Does the leather industry focus on Generation Z consumers? What can brands and retailers do to respond to the needs of this emerging generation of leathergoods consumers?
  • Susan Schofer, Vice President Business Development, Modern Meadow: Can bio-fabricated material successfully replace hides and skins from animals? How will Zoa, a new bio-fabricated material, impact on tanners and leather manufacturers?
  • Phil Townsend, Sustainable Raw Materials Specialist, M&S: What innovations are there in new sustainable materials, and what do consumers think of sustainable materials and processes used in manufacturing?
  • Robert Perkins, Group Managing Director, Hotter: How can supply chain mapping and traceability bring commercial benefits in a complex global industry, and how can supply chain traceability be achieved?
  • Christina Raab, Implementation Director, ZDHC: Is responsible chemical management at the forefront of brand and retailer agendas? What are the key challenges that manufacturers of leather and textile products need to face?
  • Ask the Panel: A panel discussion will also take place, where delegates can ask questions and discuss views on sustainable raw materials, innovations and challenges facing the leather industry as well as the commercial viability of new innovations. Delegates can also ask brands and retailers how they are dealing with this changing landscape.

About the conference

Jointly co-organised by ILM and Eurofins|BLC, the Leather & Sustainability in Retail Conference 2018 is predicted to be a popular event with attendees from across the leather industry. A key theme of the conference will include ‘sustainable raw materials’, and the event will touch on topics such as; innovation around raw materials for leather, uses for waste materials within the leather value chain and circular economy. This year’s conference will also be considering new materials coming to market and look at transparency and traceability of production within existing processes. Stahl are the lead sponsors of the event.

Delegates will include brands, retailers and leather manufacturers from around the world, and they will have the opportunity to ask questions at the event through an interactive panel discussion.

For further information about the conference and to register please click here or, alternatively, contact or call +44 (0)1604 679 999. 

For sponsorship opportunities please contact Maria Wallace at or telephone +44 (0)203 735 6537.