The objective is to enable European footwear businesses to maximise energy efficiency and the use of their resources while increasing added value, in order to better satisfy consumers’ demands and the environmental needs.

Organised by the European Confederation of Footwear Industry Associations (CEC) and co-financed by the European Commission, it aims to create, design, develop and pilot new occupations and qualifications. The programme is based on the European Qualification Framework and two levels of occupational profiles have been developed: Level 4 – “Technician on Sustainable Manufacturing”, and Level 5 – “Specialist Technician on Sustainability for Footwear Industry”. Other modules and training programmes are to be defined.

Companies having participated in this project will benefit from a well trained member of staff who will have an expertise on sustainable manufacturing and be able to advise on multiple topics such as the optimisation of materials and processes for product and packaging, restrictions of chemical use and respecting legislation and standards.

The Step for Sustainability project will put the European footwear industry up-to-date on the green demands. It will help businesses to improve competitiveness and achieve further growth.

For more information and to register for the pilot exercise and training modules free of charge: