Industry leaders from across the automotive supply chain will present new developments in regulations and test methods during the two-day symposium. They will provide an assessment of where the international specifications stand today and share their visions for the industry.

Automotive interiors emit diverse volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into vehicle cabin air, contributing odours, reduced comfort and potentially hazardous exposures. In recent years, emission limits for selected compounds have been imposed by China, Japan and Korea. In 2017, the Chinese regulations were tightened, requiring increased product testing through the entire supply chain.

Key topics presented during the event include the impact of China’s VIAQ legislation, independent technology evaluations, evaporative ingress and exhaust gas into cabin air, high-throughput VOC and aldehyde analysis. Round-table discussions will also be organised. Dr Alfred Lin from automotive tanning group Eagle Ottawa, part of Lear Corp, is one of the confirmed speakers.

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