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Talking Point: Are we moving away from chromium?

In the Talking Point feature for ILM's July/August 2022 issue, we asked leather industry professionals: “Do you think the tanning process is going through a fundamental evolution away from metal-based tannages such as chromium towards other tanning agents?”


Fluorocarbon-free waterproofing from CHT

A class of materials on the market to replace fluorinated organics for hydrophobic leather applications is the highly tuneable and benign class of polymers known as siloxanes, or silicones. Germany headquartered leather chemical maker CHT offers a wide range of fluorine-free alternatives that have been proven to meet the waterproofing and water-repelling demands of environmentally conscious customers in leather applications with several siloxane offerings.


Calling out car makers on their hypocrisy

In February and March, BMW Group owned brand Mini and Volvo Cars have become the latest major car manufacturers to have announced a departure from leather in the interiors of their next generation vehicles. Both companies cited a move towards greater sustainability amid a host of green initiatives, including a focus on electric mobility, and stated that going forward they would offer fabric or leather alternatives instead.