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Brazilian hide and skin exports up 8.4% in July

Total hide and skin exports for the month of July 2019 amounted to US$84.2 million, up 8.4% year-on-year, when total exports were US$77.7 million, according to latest data published by the Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry (CICB). However, this was a decrease by 3.7% compared with June, when monthly exports totalled US$87.5 million.


Integrating electronic applications into automotive leather

Aligning leather with the integration of electronics and smart devices into car interiors is a new challenge for the automotive leather supply chain. Andreas Kindermann, CEO of Wollsdorf Leather, will explain some its latest developments in this area at the “ILM Automotive Leather Supply Chain conference”, in Munich on May 21. 


Indian tanners speak out against Kanpur tannery forced closures

Indian tanners have expressed their opposition to the planned shut-down of beamhouse and wet-end processing activities in the Kanpur and Unnao area, during the largest Hindu religious gathering (known as Kumbh Mela) to be held in Allahabad, on the Ganges river, between January and March 2019.