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Sometimes we need a bout of realism

It is easy to complain about the film Erin Brockovich creating the public sentiment against chromium, and to be angry with PETA and other vegan and animal rights groups for their propaganda against anything to do with animals. The FAO were clearly to blame for a gross error in releasing the 2006 report Livestock’s Long Shadow and providing supposedly authoritative data to be used against animal products. 


Tannery owners and officials in Kanpur on the warpath

Tannery owners in the Jajmau area of Kanpur are claiming that local officials are discharging untreated tannery effluents into the river Ganges in order to blame them and force a further investment in a new treatment plant from the leather makers. 


Don’t blame the cow

If leather doesn't want the carbon footprint of livestock we should not blame cows for methane. In the leather industry we are very uncomfortable when we get charged with the carbon footprint of livestock. It dwarfs anything we can do in the tannery and has led many environmental experts to condemn leather as a material. Yet measurements on plastics appear to only relate to their manufacture: no obvious huge addition for being made from carbon dug out of the ground.