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Climate change, leather and environmental audits

By Catherine Money, Catherine Money Consulting, Melbourne, Australia. That climate change is happening is unequivocal. We are heading towards 2014 being the hottest year on record; the world’s warmest 10 years have all been since 1998; last year carbon dioxide levels rose by the highest amount in 30 years; and we are still on track for a 6°C rise in temperature and phenomenal sea level rises. The impacts of climate change are already affecting communities around the world. Article first published in ILM January - February 2015 edition. 




Sustainable production

Sustainable farming: Summer in Australia: droughts, bush fires and record heat waves and floods. Farmers have a hard life and many are leaving the land because they can no longer make a living. My parents bought a rundown dairy farm when I was eight so that the family could enjoy working holidays near the sea. Ever since, I have enjoyed being a part-time farmer but I am glad we do not have to make a living from it.