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The science backs leather

If one thing is certain, it is that rapid advances in drug discovery are increasingly leading people towards normality following the unprecedented global upheaval caused by Covid-19. With several effective vaccines now available and scientific data which confirms that more vaccinations mean a quicker return to a more normal lifestyle, then we see a clear path out. The development of these vaccines in just a year is a modern scientific miracle and testament to human scientific endeavour. 


Job cuts loom at Burberry

The British luxury brand is said to be in talks to eliminate 5% of its workforce internationally, the equivalent of 500 jobs, to offset the damage to its business caused by the pandemic and to pave the way for recovery. 


JBS to hold extraordinary shareholder meeting

Set for September 1, 2017, at the São Paulo company headquarters, in Brazil, the extraordinary shareholder meeting is to examine the potential losses caused to the company and the possible removal of the Batista family from JBS’ management, among other issues.