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Cromogenia Units joins the ZDHC

Spanish chemical supplier Cromogenia Units has joined the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) programme and achieved Level 3, the highest level of certification in terms of good practice, as part of a move towards achieving what the company consider one of its essential values to provide more sustainable and greener chemistry.


Dani achieves double certification for traceability and ethical commitments

The Italian tanning and processing group has achieved two milestones in terms of traceability of raw materials, reliability of processing, ethical commitment and environmental sustainability. These certifications make Dani both the first tannery in the world to be certified according to the international standard ISO 17033 regarding ethical claims, as well as one of the very few Italian companies to be certified according to the technical specification ICEC TS SC 410 regarding the traceability of the supply chain of raw hides.


Record number of LWG Member Survey respondents prioritise traceability

The Leather Working Group has shared results from the LWG Member Survey which had the biggest response rate to date, as well as sharing updates on remote auditing. The 2021 LWG Member Survey opened in February and was open for four weeks, gathering 336 submissions from LWG member companies, representing a 36% response rate.