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Walking to school, without sneakers

I was told the other day that in some of the top London departmental stores more than half the footwear sold are trainers, or more precisely, sneakers. Toffler was right when he said that the “future happens faster than you expect, and in the wrong order” as it feels only yesterday when we had leather shoes and we had plimsolls with a green flash, and little else beyond Wellington boots and work boots.


Satra offers lead detection test on children’s footwear

The UK based research and technology centre, Satra, is offering a test service on materials and components to clarify whether or not they comply with the new EU Regulation, which intends to protect the general public from exposure to lead by limiting the total amount found in articles such as children’s footwear.


Damaged bund causes tannery effluent pollution

Damage caused to the bund in Moongil Kulam, a rural irrigation tank at Ponnimandurai Pudhupatti in Tamil Nadu has led to an alleged discharge of a large volume of tannery effluents that entered local villages and have raised concerns over health in a cluster of villages in Dindigul district.