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Vintage advantages of leather

Mike Redwood

Mike Redwood wonders what “vintage” actually means, and how a preference for longer lasting items with character can only help leather. Read More...

Telling a positive story

Two weeks ago, I was very impressed with the clarity of thought that came across from a group of students at the University of Northampton in the UK. Their understanding of what we were saying about responsible tanning and sustainability was apparent, as was their concern that in much of the world the leather industry had more to do to correct matters than we were suggesting.


Where does leather fit into the future?

Article first published in ILM print and digital edition, May-June 2017. 

It is not clear where leather fits into the future here” said David Shah as he spoke about future trends at the APLF Show in Hong Kong in late March. With aged brands like the UK based retailer Jaeger closing down while Nike continues its growth towards an annual turnover of US$50 billion, it is clear he has a point. 



The value in use is what matters

Article first published in ILM January-February 2015 edition. We do not buy goods to get goods. We buy them for the benefits they provide: the things they do for us, or we can do with them. These benefits might be functional, like clothes to keep us warm or phones to communicate with, but increasingly they include less tangible elements such as supporting our self image, social connectedness, or being a brand we just enjoy using and owning. Tanners should not forget that word “connoisseurship”.