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Coronavirus: Round-up from global markets on the impact on the tanning industry

Continuing its overview on how the coronavirus is impacting the global tanning industry, ILM spoke to a number of international tanneries and industry associations to get an insight into how the current crisis is affecting the leather supply chain. As this is a fast evolving situation, the information is correct as of March 26, 2020, with the below focussing on the German, Indonesian and Thai markets.


Free of chrome tanning system from Buckman

A challenge for most free-of-chrome or wet-white leathers is that they tend to be papery (empty, dry, firm) and often of lacklustre shade. Buckman has developed special products and a complete tanning system that addresses these core issues. Tanners can now produce leathers of character similar to those produced from wet-blue. 


Eagle Ottawa celebrate 150th with new branding

In 2015 Eagle Ottawa celebrates its 150th anniversary by continuing the tradition of producing the world’s finest leathers. In recognition of this milestone and to more properly reflect the company’s strategic direction, including its global and value added mindset, Eagle Ottawa undertook a complete re-branding initiative and has developed a new logo and tagline to help guide the company into the future.