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No trouble in 2022 for Thai tanners

ILM’s January/February 2023 edition of the magazine is now available to view on the app, featuring an in-depth report on Thai tanning, a breakdown of how to measure the life cycle of leather and more.


Has tanning leather just become a lot sweeter?

The ILM November/December 2022 edition is now available, in which Consultant Technical Editor Karl Flowers and technical experts from German leather chemical maker Schill+Seilacher unveil the science behind the company’s launch of a new sugar-based tanning system.


Tanners endorse the move towards biobased chemicals

ILM conducted its annual tanner business confidence survey in late July and the results are now published. In the 2022 survey their opinions on recent trends towards more biobased carbon content chemicals, biodegradable leathers and metal-free tanning systems were expressed.