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Find out why effective use of ESG is crucial

Katie Kutskill, Technical Director of the Sustainable Leather Foundation (SLF), will delve into the effective use of ESG in the first presentation of the webinar ‘Futureproofing the Leather Supply Chain’.


Is trade in exotic skins a viable conservation strategy?

In an exclusive interview in the May – June print and digital app edition of International Leather Maker (ILM), research scientist and conservation biologist Dan Natusch outlines why maintaining trade in exotic skins is crucial to the preservation of endangered species and why he is against the recent calls to curtail their commercial use. 


Mixed progress for tannery relocation to Savar

The overall process of relocating 155 tanneries from Hazaribagh, where many are polluting the local environment, to Savar, is moving ahead. At long last, the 11-year gridlock on the crucial agenda shows a sign of breaking reports the Bangladesh Daily Star. 


The Split Report

During the two-month period analysed for March and April it may transpire that it forms a crucial turning point in terms of prices for the global tanning industry. 

The month of March followed the recent trend of the past two years, with consistent growth in split prices and ongoing demand.