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Vulnerable on several fronts

Although the leather manufacturing industry in the developed world has declined, certainly in respect of the number of tanneries, most of those that remain are leaner, cleaner, fitter, safer and much more sustainable than ever before.

Article first published in ILM March-April, 2015 edition.


Defining success for a modern company

When people think of ways to measure the success of a company, many will, of course, look at profitability first. Second, they look at the customer base and the size of the customers buying its products. 


Leather’s positive image in the auto Industry

Leather is increasingly becoming a distinguishing feature in the automobile industry. Thanks to leather’s surface feel and distinctive smell, customers experience it as something positive and luxurious. This is why they happily opt for it as an extra in their cars.



Hermès leather handbags that smell bad

According to reports from various websites and social media forums iconic French luxury brand Hermès is having to deal with a batch of its famous handbags that “smell of marijuana”.


TFL blend art and leather

Leather chemical specialists, TFL invited key customers and guests to two post-show evening events on September 10 & 11 at its facility in Buscate on the outskirts of Milan. The event was used to highlight the company's use of chemicals to produce modern and technical fashion leather articles.


Lamebo present ‘Silver’ band knife

Lamebo, a leading Italian company in the production of splitting band knives constantly search for higher performance steels and technological innovation which has given them customers in more than 90 countries worldwide.