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The joy of suede

In one of his ILM blogs posted on this website in January 2019, Mike Redwood referred to an interesting comment posed at a Leather Naturally panel meeting during the Portland Materials Show which took pace in the Autumn of 2018. John Graebin, Director of Materials for Deckers Outdoor Corp, asked the audience to consider how leather would be viewed if it was discovered today for the first time. A renewable, sustainable, durable, versatile yet beautiful material; in fact, the very best example of what a modern material in its class should be. 


Our customers need our help

If you make a pair shoes that look like a classic Clarks model and sell them under the name "Clerks" then this is piracy and you are selling a pirated "knock-off". If you sell them under the name Clarks then it is a counterfeit. I use that example because I actually discovered a "Clerks" store in Chengdu about ten years ago.