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No Fire Sale

For tanners of a certain age the mention of fire means multi-story tanneries with wooden floors built generally between 1870 and 1950 burning down as cellulosic finishes, solvents and buffing dust lying around and impregnated into and between every plank of wood made these old plants totally flammable. I well remember the days when the sales director was the last one out as he ensured that every hard to sell pack of leather was under a sprinkler to get "water damaged" should it survive the inevitable conflagration.


How markets slip away

"A glove turns an event into an occasion" says Andrew Lawson of Cornelia James. He is standing in the sunshine outside the small factory in the south of England where he and his wife Genevieve produce the gloves regularly worn by the Queen, the Duchess of Cambridge and dozens of celebrities and pop-stars.