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Where are we going

As we look out, there is a growing determination to get the world back to work in order to minimise the already huge social, economic and psychological damage being done. The decisions do not appear to be only based on saving lives, as other factors such as the economy, winning elections and taking tighter political control are being assessed by our world leaders.


Corporate Social Responsibility and Leather

I find great satisfaction in the simplicity of Carroll’s pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility. It is simple and easy to understand. It is not a rule, but like so many good business management tools it is a framework that serves as a guide to help both understand and uncover what is going on.


Land of opportunity

The Indian tanning industry is definitely a growth market and has the potential to become even more of a global player. Can it unlock its full potential and sort out its poor infrastructure and environmental record? Martin Ricker reports

Article first published in ILM March-April 2015 edition.


Porsche boosts deliveries, revenue and profit in first quarter

German OEM Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG has started 2015 successfully, with growth in deliveries, revenue and profit in the first quarter. From January-March inclusive, the sports car manufacturer delivered 51,102 new cars – 32% more than in the same period last year. Leather features in many of the luxury and sports brand car interiors.