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Bright and dressy: consumers post Covid-19

Retail is being transformed, offices are evolving, cities are getting younger, people have started saving more and governments have started to persuade them to spend again. In many such ways we are manoeuvring our way towards a new normal – if there ever was any such thing as normal anyway.


Cities are getting bigger

What is a city?  It is a question often asked and one the tanning community should have some interest in. Recent studies show that large cities in emerging markets might grow far beyond the 32 million predicted by Danny Dorling, which I discussed here back in 2014. The 2100 projections include Lagos (88.3), Kinshasa (83.5), Dar es Salaam (73.7), Mumbai (67.2), Delhi (57.3) and even Kabul (50.2). This excludes the big Chinese coastal regions such as Shanghai and Guangzhou where the metropolitan, urban and administrative areas all vary creating a number for Guangzhou, which today jumps from 12 to 44 million depending on definition.


A tanners complaint

This is an opinion about the present situation facing the leather industry as explained to me by a European tanner with many decades of experience. Although he presented it as his personal opinion he is convinced it concerns many of his peers as well. It is therefore interesting for all of us to read and take notice: