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Local ties are still important

Mike Redwood

While tanning is a global industry, Mike Redwood reminds the industry of the importance of local businesses remaining a part of their communities in order to thrive. Read More...

Talking about currency

Standing at the edge of a football pitch talking about currency to a well known British tanner on a cold Friday January night is not something you would expect to do as a routine. This was, however, the “Glovers”; a team close to the bottom of English football’s lowest tier, Yeovil, who are affectionately known as ‘the Glovers’ since that has for centuries been the primary business in the town. In recognition of a historically important leather industry, there are other teams in England known as the 'Saddlers' and the 'Cobblers'.


New book on Gloves and Glove-Making

ILM columnist and leather industry commentator Mike Redwood has recently written and published a new book titled: “Gloves and Glove-Making” with all Royalties of the book going to the Glovers’ Guild.