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Study reveals extent of Bangladesh tannery pollution

A joint study by the Geography and Environment Department of Jahangirnagar University, Environmental Science Department of Stamford University and Waterkeepers, Bangladesh has shown that leather production is having a significant impact on water quality.


Bangladesh industry must transform itself

The leather industry in Bangladesh has certainly not lacked in detractors - for many valid reasons of its own creation. For years, incompetent and dishonest bureaucrats - in connivance with unscrupulous contractors, CETP suppliers and so-called “experts” from academia - have been taking advantage of the preferred “head in the sand” mindset of many Bangladesh tannery owners.


Animal waste dumped on Hazaribagh roads

Bangladesh's tanners are reported to have illegally used abandoned factories in Hazaribagh, a district of capital Dhaka, to store raw hides and to have dumped remaining waste in open public spaces.