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Diligent journalists get to the real facts

The past five years has involved relentless pushing back against entrenched anti-livestock and anti-leather opinions, forcibly argued. A lot of this was trying to correct errors in the science being presented by NGOs, which had the danger of being widely accepted since they are respected bodies. It was also felt that whereas an animal rights group, PETA or any other, is absolutist in its thinking and is not interested in anything that cannot be manipulated to support their case, NGOs, however, should be more open to reason.


Trumpler adds extra strength to Indian market

German leather chemical maker, Trumpler announces a strengthening of its support for the Indian Leather Market at IILF 2015 in partnership with sole agents in India, Saba Group. They will also be highlighting a number of innovative products at the upcoming show in Chennai, February 1-3.


Tannery waste blamed animal feed contamination

Bangladesh State Minister for Fisheries and Livestock Narayan Chandra Chanda on July 14 vowed to catch all culprits who use toxic tannery waste in producing poultry and fish feed in the country.
“We will soon find out how much tannery waste is being used and which factories are using them. We will also study the effects of toxic waste in poultry feed,” he said.