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Sustainable Leather Forum attendee opinions on CSR

Expressing their opinions through an interactive tool at the recent Sustainable Leather Forum in Paris, attendees from the leather and fashion worlds revealed that their corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts were only accelerated by the pandemic.


People are our most important asset

Rather too long ago, when I was studying for my MBA, a much-respected Professor raised the often-used phrase in Company Mission Statements that employees are key assets. His course was about recognising that the majority of business activity was routine and how the efficient company analyses and automates them. He was scathing that so many companies who trumpeted the “people are first” statement steadily released staff whenever their automation allowed it.


Raising the bar on sustainability

Over the past few weeks I have had several very interesting conversations with well-known industry figures for various ILM podcasts, webinars and features about the direction the leather sector, and manufacturing in general, is most likely to take as we come out of the coronavirus crisis, and what the key priorities for businesses will be going forward.