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Kanpur tanners question reopening of tanneries

Some tannery owners remain sceptical about the decision of the Uttar Pradesh’s administration to reopen the tanneries and claim this could be another of the many unfulfilled promises made since their closures in December 2018.


New court hearing for Kanpur tanneries

The Central Pollution Control Board has demanded extra time during a court hearing on July 10 to submit an inspection report following the closure of 98 tanneries in Kanpur last February.


Kanpur tanners demand deadline extension to NGT

A delegation of tanners from Kanpur has demanded a date extension to government officials before monitoring and inspecting the plants for environmental control after a 19-day trial period taking place this month. They have alleged that some tannery units were closed between February and June and, therefore, are not operating in optimal condition before new inspection takes place.