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Talking Point January/February 2022

In the first issue of the year, we asked experts from across the leather industry: Why do you feel that natural materials including leather are treated so negatively on the Higg Material Sustainability Index, and do you think that materials from fossil-fuel carbon sources are unfairly advantaged?


ISA TanTec launches Interactive Traceability Map

The international tanning group has announced the launch of its online Interactive Traceability Map, which it says enhances the transparency of its supply chain and highlights its commitment to responsible sourcing.


Kodiak outlines “Built for What Matters” sustainability initiative

Work footwear manufacturer Kodiak is taking steps to reduce its environmental footprint and improve sustainability through a multi-year, multi-faceted initiative called “Built for What Matters.” The initiative focuses on design and manufacturing, incorporating fewer, more sustainable materials and implementing manufacturing processes that are less impactful to the environment.