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A coordinated approach is needed post-COP26

Mike Redwood expresses his disappointment in world leader’s efforts at the recent COP26 summit in Scotland, but highlights the clear opportunity for the leather industry to show its commitment to a greener future.


Marketing involves identifying your audience

I was impressed by the positioning of the Dacia Logan when it first launched in 2004 and enjoyed the fact that in a marketing class of 200 students at the University of Bath, for many years the students had no idea what a Dacia Logan actually was. Meanwhile, it was proving itself spectacularly successful and a perfect example of a product designed to meet a well defined consumer demand. 


We are seeing a correction in the market

Readers of TheSauerReport may find all the news published at the moment negative, even very negative. But before sending in complaints let me tell you it is not negative news but current reporting indicates to me that the market is correcting itself.