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No mystery in UNIDO

The best things in life are free, so we are told; although it is hard to imagine how this applies to the leather industry. For me, it took the unexpected serendipity of a trip to Ethiopia, for it was there I was able to spend an hour with Ivan Král who runs the leather side of UNIDO from his office high in the UNIDO building in Vienna.  


Closer co-operation required on training

Ivan Kral, Industrial Development Officer, UNIDO. Where will future knowledge and skills come from in the leather industry? This question has been raised during a number of congresses, conferences, events, blogs and articles over the past couple of years. There are still many training and R&D institutes capable of providing training, however, in many cases, they are in a different location from the leather industry and manufacturing units. Perhaps the question should be rephrased: How will knowledge and skills reach trainees?