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Stellantis overtakes Volkswagen EU sales for October

According to JATO Dynamics’ data covering 26 European markets, the car market across the region has declined due to the ongoing semiconductor shortage, but electric vehicles continue to grab market share, and Stellantis has outsold previous leader Volkswagen.


European new car registrations increased by 63% in March 2021

The latest JATO report shows that new car registrations increased by 63% in March 2021 in Europe compared with March 2020. According to data for 26 markets across the region, volume rose from 842,094 to 1,374,313 units, bringing the first quarter volume to 3,045,703

– an increase of 1%. Despite this increase, the quarter recorded the lowest total volume of new car registrations for a first quarter since 1986, when excluding 2020.


European demand for SUVs slows

The market share of SUVs is said to have remained stable for most of the year, but their registrations fell 13% in November, and 21% year-to-date when compared to 2019.


EU car sales pick up in July

After several months of decline in EU car registrations, July saw the highest monthly volume figures so far this year, also being the highest since September 2019, with the industry registering 1,278,521 new passenger cars, down 4% year-on-year.


SUVs continue to lead EU new car sales

Despite new car sales having dropped in the EU in August, the figures represent the second highest August over the past ten years, with SUV sales continuing to lead the market despite recording a 3% fall in volume.


JBS owner charged with corruption

On June 25, Brazil’s Federal Public Prosecutor's Office (MPF) filed a complaint against JBS’ Joesley Batista, as well a former Company executive and a former prosecutor.