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Disruption in the leather industry

Was the leather industry disrupted when chrome tanning began to spread in the early twentieth century? Was it disrupted when the footwear, garment and glove business started to grow in Korea and Taiwan in the 1960s, or in China in the 1990s?  Was it a disruption when sole leather was replaced by rubber and plastic, or the sneaker moved beyond being a tennis shoe into everyday wear? Or how about when we stopped riding horses and started going in buses and automobiles.


Asia remains a key market for U.S. beef exports

The latest official figures for the U.S. beef industry show the 2016 export momentum, when international shipments increased 12.56%, continued in January 2017, with Japan, South Korea and Mexico as the main destinations.


Consumer goods threatened by Hanjin’s bankruptcy

A variety of consumer goods, including hides, skins and leather may never reach their destination as the world’s seventh largest container shipper filed for bankruptcy and its vessels are denied entry at major ports around the globe.