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Marfrig becomes BRF top shareholder

Brazilian beef producer Marfrig has bought up to 24% of Brazilian meatpacker and food processor BRF SA’s outstanding shares with aims to diversify its holdings and be a passive investor rather than influence management. The transaction is estimated at US$800 million, according to industry sources.


Sanctions begin to hurt Russian retailers

Reports from media sources suggest that 7% of all garment and footwear shops in Moscow have closed as a consequence of the ongoing economic crisis. “In the larger Russian cities, and most notably in Moscow, the number of shops has fallen by at least 5-7% this year”, Igor Ulyanov, Director of the Russian Textile Association Soyuzlegprom has said. 


Old tanneries are not just polluters but also dangerous

I read Su Chaoying’s summary of what is happening in Wuji and Xinji with interest. Mr Su has made an excellent summary and identified the very positive approach being taken with regard to the pollution emanating from these poorly performing tanneries. Making them larger so that the investment/capacity ratio can be effective (it is worthwhile to invest in tanneries of a certain size), clarifying what will be done to prevent the discharge of untreated or poorly treated effluent with larger tanneries treating their own water or the reconstruction of the common effluent treatment plant.