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Promoting leather to a new generation

The world of the Internet has invaded our lives in the last eighteen months. The webinar, for example, has consistently presented useful material in a timely way and can still be valid as we learn to live in equilibrium with Covid-19 by making content available for those who missed the live session. 


Fashion industry needs to stop vilifying leather

Having recently joined the ILM team and the leather industry from the fashion and retail sector, where I was Editor of a leading b2b magazine, I have been eager to learn about the leather trade, including the challenges it faces and opportunities ahead. It’s quite apparent that there are many parallels between the key issues in both sectors. 


Tanners getting squeezed

One reason many exhibitors and visitors come to trade shows is to learn about the state of trade. If what you discover is not as optimistic as you had hoped, do you blame the trade show? It is a crazy point, yet, one often raised. In fact, if you learn that the news is bad and subsequent events prove this to be true then from an event perspective the show has been a great success. You have uncovered or confirmed in one trip vital information for your business.