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Talking Point

This month’s hot topic: Following the recent introduction of new legislation protecting the labelling of genuine leather in Italy, is the global leather industry doing enough to achieve legislation of the term ‘leather’ from mislabelling and other competing materials trading off the back of its reputation?


An update on chromium (VI) in leather methodology

The issue of chromium(VI) in leather has been debated for many years, but its significance has recently been raised due to newly proposed European legislation. The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has proposed (12/4/19 – Annex XV Restriction Report Proposal for a Restriction Substance Name(s): Skin Sensitising Substances) that the limit should be lowered from its current 3 ppm limit to 1 ppm, so that the leather industry is in line with the textile industry. While the textile industry uses little chromium, mainly in dyestuffs, the leather industry faces detecting 1 ppm of chromium(VI) in a background of 20,000-40,000 ppm of chromium(III).


Modern fatliquors from Trumpler

Trumpler, the Germany based leather chemical producer, introduced two new fatliquors on to the market earlier this year. Truposyl LL and Truponol L400 meet all the latest international legislation and regulatory requirements.