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A 256th birthday party

Mike Redwood

In this latest column, Mike Redwood discusses the importance of historical figure and tanner Tom Poole on the occasion of his 256th birthday.


Megatrend Mobility: outdoor activity to improve health

People around the world are increasingly becoming aware of the need to keep active and spend time outdoors to enjoy a long and healthy life. Thus, the demand for comfortable, breathable but waterproof leather footwear is growing in importance. Obviously, this leather type is also indispensable for the military.  


Make your leather goods circular

The future is circular. With the production of, for example, fashion items, footwear, car interiors, aviation seats and upholstery, we should aim to use (and reuse) products as long as possible and reduce waste to a minimum. Material sourcing plays a vital role in this matter. Are you ready to make your leather goods circular?


LVMH partners with weturn to further circularity

The French luxury conglomerate has partnered with weturn, a French AGEC law (anti-waste for a circular economy), which will prohibit the destruction of new and unused textile materials by businesses starting on January 1, 2022. As part of its range of creative circularity solutions, LVMH continues its commitment to the circular economy, a major pillar promoted by the Group through its LIFE 360 program (LIFE: LVMH Initiatives For the Environment).