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Living with slow growth

Mike Redwood

Mike Redwood discusses the problem of endlessly chasing growth across industries, and how the leather industry can embrace slow growth for success.


Craft skills vs mass production

Mike Redwood discusses how leather, particularly luxury goods, has held out against mass production practices in favour of tradition and artisan skill.


The spirit of leather

It has long been known that consumers are emotional purchasers but, since the 1960s, consumer behaviour has continued to be characterised, in teaching and in company approaches, via the classical model based on a multi-stage, linear model for purchasing.


What effects has COP26 had for the leather industry?

While much of the world waited and hoped during COP26 that the world leaders present would make some noticeable commitment to correcting the climate change path we have all found ourselves heading towards, the leather industry waited to see if methane would be a priority in those commitments and how tightly leather would be linked to the issue. Tom Hogarth breaks down the fallout and what we can expect going forward.


Top level changes at Tod’s Group

The Italian luxury group has announced the exit of CEO Umberto Macchi di Cellere after four years, with the position to be occupied by Chairman Diego Della Valle and his brother Vice Chairman Andrea Della Valle.


Just three words

Performance, sustainability and beauty. These three words have been embedded in leather for a million years in one form or another. Not a few thousand years as we often say, not tens of thousands but almost certainly one million years of leather.