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Podcast: The art of leather drying

Dr Antonio Polato, CEO of Italian drying equipment specialists, Officine di Cartigliano provides listeners with an overview of the latest leather drying techniques and how tanners and finishers can get the best results from drying their leathers using a range of modern mechanical techniques. Click here to download and listen to the podcast which is also available via Apple Podcast iTunes, Deezer and Spotify.


The written word

Although this article will appear only online I still find myself preferring to read from paper and writing with a traditional fountain pen. In fact, only three weeks ago I changed to a new type of notebook for my everyday note taking. My choice was largely made by its larger size, which while less convenient, I am hoping will get me back writing more legibly.


A balanced view

The last decade has seen very little growth in productivity in industry, even during the last five when we were well clear of the financial crisis and GDP growth should have been accelerating. Governments have been baffled as it has been such growth that increases incomes and wealth.