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One in five wear clothing more than 20 years old

According to a study commissioned by Leather UK, 51% of adults in the UK still own and frequently wear an item of clothing that’s a decade old or more, while 20% would still wear something that’s more than 20 years old. 


Nature hates waste

I found a neighbour up a ladder painting his windows this morning. His windows were specially crafted by a specialist joiner to fit a house which is many hundreds of years old. He was complaining of other old houses where the owners had renewed old windows with plastic ones. Such plastic windows, he said only have a life of 20 years. Sunlight, he explained, “degrades everything”.


Forward and backwards with Clubhouse

I cannot decide what my relationship is going to be with the new App called Clubhouse, where rooms are created for audio chats about all manner of subjects. Is it really a step towards a more relaxed and creative way of thinking about a wide range of subjects than Zoom or Teams, or do I hate it as no more than another demand on valuable time?