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Celebrate our people

On a recent Saturday afternoon, I found myself sitting in front of a computer on a Zoom panel with half a dozen others as part of the Independent Shoemakers Conference, run by bespoke London based shoemaker Carréducker. 


A week in Shanghai

What is the takeaway from a week in Shanghai? In simple terms, it is make relevant leathers and tell a good story. Be sure you have an honest sustainability story, that your processing is responsible, that your management of all wastes is comprehensive and honest and you treat your workforce fairly. If you miss these points, you are not at the party. Others will beat you, and some of those others will not be leather. 


What do you do in a tannery?

What do you do in a tannery? This simple question is not as easily answered as you might think. Some tanneries make only wet-blue, while others work from pickle, others make crust and some specialise in finishing. This, before you worry about tanning hides or skins, light or heavy leather, or segmenting or splitting. 


The state of mind regarding the state of trade

After Lineapelle there were mixed views about the state of trade. While everyone thought things were poor there were those who viewed the downturn as merely a cyclical matter, while others saw it as a more permanent structural change.


Defence is useless unless there is something to promote

As I write this, I am floating away from Budapest. We are recreating a trip done by Jason and the Argonauts with the Golden Fleece (a sheepskin used to collect gold from a river bed in northwest Georgia) as he sailed up the Danube to Vienna: a trip up the Danube from the Black Sea done by many others - Huns, Magyars, Ottomans - mostly with all conquering intent, over the last 2000 years. 


Winter change over in Australia

As we enter the winter changeover period between shorn lambs and spring lambs, prices remain stable in Australia. With a number of meat plants still on long term closure, others are closed for winter maintenance or on reduced production for maintenance and upgrades. Accordingly, supply is further down and supporting prices. 

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