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How long should your shoes last?

Mike Redwood

Mike Redwood asks whether we should accept shoes that disintegrate after a few years or opt for well-designed footwear made with leather that can be easily maintained and repaired.


Nike Refurbished provides circular take-back scheme

Nike Refurbished is the U.S. sportswear brand’s latest circular consumer offering. After a shopper returns a pair of shoes to Nike, Nike Refurbished tidies them up and then makes them available to Nike shoppers at a discounted price.


The decline of cut and sew

This article was first published in the July-August 2017 edition of ILM print and digital.Tutankhamen had a pair of gloves. In fact, I am sure he had lots of gloves. They were important symbols of power; and he had it all. Most sensible modern countries try and separate the church, the judiciary and the state but in those early days they were combined so that meant lots of gloves for Tutankhamen.