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Henan Prosper provide humanitarian assistance during floods

Known as the world’s largest wool-on lamb and nappa sheepskin provider, Henan Prosper has provided humanitarian aid to communities suffering as a result of the record-breaking rainfall floods. Located in Mengzhou City, Henan Prosper has not been as negatively affected by the rain and has been able to lend a helping hand.


African swine fever epidemic could raise beef prices

As the southern province of Guizhou in China has confirmed a new outbreak of African swine fever, South Korea is stepping up measures to prevent the disease from spreading beyond its shared border with North Korea, and the U.S. dairy farmers are taking a hit as demand for whey declines.


Sheepskin prices down on lower Chinese and Russian demand

Australian and New Zealand farmers are having a tough time selling lambskins as China’s tanneries face slowing demand for the products, particularly from Russia, and as Beijing cracks down on some chemical-intensive processing plants according to a report on the Wall Street Journal website.