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The leather network is invaded by alien materials

Networking is mostly considered as something to be done with a wineglass in hand and a clutch of name cards. It is viewed as about job hunting through building relationships with senior people in the sectors where they want to work.


Market volatility only favours a few

It's now just over a week since I returned from APLF, a week that included a nice Easter break, which included some decent weather and feels like Spring is upon us. It’s given me time to reflect on the recent APLF in Hong Kong from a safe distance, I think as a result I can take a more balanced view.


It’s a people business

Perhaps more than many other industries, the leather sector is a people buisness and personal relationships between customers, suppliers and colleagues around the world are vital in this industry. Maybe that's why there are so many trade shows? We all need to see each other regularly!

Yet, disconnected managers, office politics and the dreaded "corporate restructuring" can break close relationships and lose companies business.