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New retanning agent from Buckman

Buckman APAC has launched a new retanning agent, Butan 7858, which has been added to its existing range of formaldehyde and bisphenol-free retanning agents. Read More...

Minimise cost per hide, optimise leather performance with Optitan

The new Optitan range by Smit offers products which are designed for optimised application results. The range consists of phenolic/disulphonic-condensate-based products, with the highest possible content of active components, offering state-of-the-art performance on emissions, heat yellowing and light fastness. This way, Optitan improves product efficiency and thereby minimises the cost per hide in retanning and its environmental impact. Plus, it enables optimised retanning results. It’s a genuine win-win-win situation.


Dermochimica introduces natural Hydroil

Based on the recovery water from olive oil production, Dermochimica meets the need of the leather industry to replace chrome and other heavy metals from the tanning process by introducing Hydroil.
Completely natural and eco-sustainable, Hydroil exploits the strong antioxidant and tanning properties of Oil Mill Waste Water (OMWW) for tanning and retanning of all types, qualities or end uses.