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Innovation is complex, even in Leather

Normally these days, clever acquisitions are mostly talked about when made by the Internet giants. It feels that the regular world of market competition has been hijacked by the dominance of scale. Equally we talk interminably that innovation is only about utterly new product whereas today it is a complex subject often encompassing the old, updated and adapted for modern times. We talk of waterproof, perspiration and abrasion resistance but forget that it is in the nuances that often the greatest impact is achieved; and that it is as often about process as it is product, with the marketplace today requiring both as a routine. 


Modern Meadow reveals commercial scale biofabricated leather

Modern Meadow Chief Technology Officer, Dave Williamson has presented to the Society for Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology, the shift from tissue engineering to fermentation, demonstrating Modern Meadow’s ability to produce collagen on a commercial scale.