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Novel tanning agents from United Chemicals

Turkey headquartered United Chemicals has launched a range of new products: Prowhite PL is a polymer based tanning agent which is environmentally safe and has been developed for pretanning, tanning and for wet-white systems. The addition of a special syntan, Prowhite W, gives easiness to the binding of Prowhite PL to collagen structure, yielding the shrinkage temperature to reach 75-76oC, which facilitates shaving and splitting operations for further process phases.


Heusch predicts greater specialism in fleshing and shaving

German tanning machinery cutting systems provider, Heusch from Germany has said that this year’s Tanning Tech in the new location with its modern infrastructure and contemporary design has been a great success. The company exhibited at the show in Milan last week.


Excalibur reduces risk of fire in dry shaving

Dry shaving can be a very hazardous tanning process.

Compared to wet-blue or wet-white, the shavings from dry leather can easily catch fire. The very thin and dry leather shavings are sucked in by the exhaust system together with oxygen from the air. This mixture is easily inflammable.