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The importance of leather smell

Article first published in ILM January-February 2015 edition. "If you are ambitious to have found a new science, measure a smell”, Alexander Graham Bell, 1914. If I said you have to lose one of your senses, but you get to choose which one, most of you would probably choose your sense of smell, especially if you compare it to vision or hearing. The sense of smell is a very subtle sense in our world. It’s a sort of background sense and it seems we don’t spend a lot of time paying attention to smells.


Leather’s positive image in the auto Industry

Leather is increasingly becoming a distinguishing feature in the automobile industry. Thanks to leather’s surface feel and distinctive smell, customers experience it as something positive and luxurious. This is why they happily opt for it as an extra in their cars.



Hermès leather handbags that smell bad

According to reports from various websites and social media forums iconic French luxury brand Hermès is having to deal with a batch of its famous handbags that “smell of marijuana”.