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A lot of hot air about beef and methane

“I have beef cattle that I keep out on grass all year, and eating grass the way they do, I do not believe the published figures for methane production are true at all. I think (those opposed to meat and leather) estimate them from laboratory studies and then multiply them up by weight, so the numbers are totally inaccurate.” It was Tuesday, and I was talking to the owner of a small European tannery. Not someone to be fooled with lightly, but someone whose decisions on leather making were markedly deliberate and well thought through. He was clear that attacks being made against leather lacked proper scientific evidence. Too much was based on small studies that were generalised and misquoted. 


Winners and losers yet to be defined

The Editor of Hidenet, Don Ohsman, notes that “the volume of leather orders being placed this time of year for Autumn shipment is subpar. So if someone bought a million square feet per months last year, they are only ordering eight hundred thousand or seven hundred thousand this year as leather is being supplanted by synthetics because of price”.