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Megatrend Mobility: outdoor activity to improve health

People around the world are increasingly becoming aware of the need to keep active and spend time outdoors to enjoy a long and healthy life. Thus, the demand for comfortable, breathable but waterproof leather footwear is growing in importance. Obviously, this leather type is also indispensable for the military.  


New bio-polymers from KLF Tecnokimica

KLF Tecnokimica has recently developed a new product line of fatliquoring polymers and copolymers (fatty-polymer) with the objective to give the grain of the leather firmness, coupled with smoothness and softness.


The Split Report

July was an uncertain and transitional month for the split market. There have been no major changes in the price trends over the past three months. The split market thus remains generally weak with only a few interesting points to emphasise.