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Pajusco introduces JDrum app

Best known for tanning drums and automation systems, Pajusco Tecnologie introduced a new app at Simac Tanning Tech for Apple iOS and Android smartphone and tablet devices called JDrum.


Living with slow growth

Mike Redwood

Mike Redwood discusses the problem of endlessly chasing growth across industries, and how the leather industry can embrace slow growth for success.


Once upon a time

In the midst of a heatwave, Mike Redwood considers the concerning state of climate change efforts and the role the leather industry could play.


Built-to-last is fashionable

One of the great properties that leather has is that it lasts a long time in use. From time-to-time, you need to give boots or shoes a clean and polish but only when holding your favourite leather item do you fully appreciate that the character of the leather has changed with time; it tells a story about you the wearer, and the places and events associated with the item that can evoke great memories and emotions.