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ECHA to increase target for compliance checks

European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) is to start to evaluate 20% of registration dossiers in each tonnage band to improve the compliance of REACH registrations; approximately 30% of all registered substances are to be checked. 


ECHA lists 15 new substances under REACH

ECHA, the European Chemicals Agency, put forward a proposal to the European Commission in the beginning of July for the inclusion of 15 Substances of very High Concern (SVHC) to be included in Annex XIV of REACH.


Tanners are not environmental cleansing officers

We keep hearing that the world would crash into disaster if tanners were not around to clean up the hides and skins that the meat and dairy industry produce. We see calculations of tonnage, of volume and of numbers. There are not enough holes in ground to bury all this, we are told. But it is a struggle to see the logic in such an argument.